• M311A0

    Product Characteristics / Specifications / Applications / Features
    • Open angle:108º
    • Cup depth:105mm
    • Damper integrated into the Cup
    • 2Cam,for side or depth adjustment Height adjustment at mounting screw
    Assembly / Parts Diagram:

    Product specifications:
    Product code Nominal length Internal drawer
    Min. installation
    length of drawer
    Col1_1 Col1_2 Col1_3 Col1_4
    Col2_1 Col2_2 Col2_3 Col2_4
    Col3_1 Col3_2 Col3_3 Col3_4
    Col4_1 Col4_2 Col4_3 Col4_4
    Col5_1 Col5_2 Col5_3 Col5_4
    Col6_1 Col6_2 Col6_3 Col6_4
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